Vertical Fabric Steamer

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Steam-setting painted silk and cotton fabrics ensures optimum color yield and brightness. This professional steamer is designed to last for a lifetime. Its double-walled cylinder is made of heavy duty stainless steel and has two sections for easier handling. The sections stack for easy assembly.

• The unit will steam fabric up to 54"/1.37 m wide.
• The 2,000 watt heating element is available for either a 120 volt/16 amp or 240 volt/8 amp power source.
• Includes an automatic safety shutoff switch.
• The assembled steamer is 74"/1.88 m tall.
• The steamer has a 30 day warranty on the electrical and a one year warranty on the structural parts.
    NOTE: **$100 added to product price (for additional freight costs due to additional boxes and oversize that does not calculate in shipping quote.)

      Available in three options:

      • STEAM00: 120v (US)
      • STEAM01: 240v (US)
      • STEAM04: 240v (European)

      Also available: Vertical Steamer Cores

      Option: STEAM00 - 120v (US)