About us

Color Everything

We make colors for everything, so that you can color anything.

At Jacquard, we take pride in producing high-quality products for our community of dreamers, doers and creatives. From casual crafters to serious artists—we’ve been manufacturing colors for any surface for over 35 years. So whether you’re a professional, do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist, we’re your one-stop-shop for quality resources that help your imagination run wild.

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to meet the needs of our community in order for them to connect, create and get inspired. From our Founder, Michael Katz, to our current leader Asher Katz, we’re a family owned and operated business with a true spirit for creative innovation. We offer over 20 product lines, including a variety of kits, sets, class packs, chemicals and other art-related auxiliaries, and continue to introduce new products into the marketplace. Our belief is that everyone should have access to our tools and products while on their creative journey.

We're artists. Just like you.


We offer tools for any job and colors for any surface. And we pour our hearts into each and every thing that we create.


For over 35 years, we’ve believed success comes from knowledge, and we’re here to share what we know and inform our audience.


Among us are makers, crafters and artists that are all cut from the same cloth.

More from the Jaquard Family

Our sister companies and artist resource websites

Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems

In 1999, realizing a need for inkjet printing on fabric, Michael Katz developed a coating for fabrics and a paper backing allowing them to go through any printer – residential or commercial. After the success of that product, Katz created Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems. The company sells fabrics, inks, steamers and printers. It also custom-coats and paper-backs fabrics for use in wide format printers by other designers and artists.

Jacquard Ink & Pad

Manufactures a full range of industrial and craft inks, for applications on virtually any surface and for a variety of marking systems. Featuring highly specialized solvent-based inks and highly economical water-based inks, as well as full-service custom ink formulary tailoring and OEM & private label stamp pad manufacturing.

Cyanotype Negative Generator

A website to turn photographs into film negatives for SolarFast processing.

SolarFast Negative Generator

A website to turn photographs into film negatives for SolarFast processing.