Piñata Class Pack

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Welcome to the wonderful world of alcohol inks. If this is your first time using Piñata Color, you are in for a treat! Painting with alcohol inks on YUPO® is a great activity for any age group of every artistic level. It is an extraordinarily freeing medium that is practically guaranteed to unleash the creativity inside. So, let it flow! After experiencing the unique ways alcohol inks interact on the YUPO® surface, you’ll understand why we call them Piñata Colors—no other medium is more exciting and able to make your paintings POP!

For all ages. Recommended for up to 30 individuals.

NOTE: Everything you’ll need is supplied with the pack.


30—1/2 oz/14.79 ml bottles of Piñata Alcohol Ink

4 each of Sunbright Yellow, Señorita Magenta, Passion Purple, Baja Blue, Blanco Blanco, Rich Gold

3 each of Calabaza Orange, Rainforest Green

1—4 fl oz/118.29 ml bottle of Piñata Clean Up Solution

1—60 sheet pack of YUPO® synthetic paper (5" x 7"/12.70 x 17.78 cm - 58 lb. stock)

30—black sponges


5—transfer pipettes

30—pairs of gloves

Printed Instructions