Jeanie Denim Dye

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Jeanie Denim Dye

If you had just one wish…
Jeanie is a fun, easy-to-use, eye-catching product, designed to inspire: one glance at the packaging and you will already be thinking about all of the old clothes in your closet that are just dying for some magic color. Your jeans, your old denim jacket, your faded denim miniskirt… Jeanie will color it all!

So easy, it’s like magic:
Jeanie is a no-mess magic coloring powder that breathes new life into old denim. The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, making the dyeing process easier than ever before: simply drop the packet in your washer, add your fabric and run the hottest cycle. Your blue jeans will never be blue again!

NOTE: A single packet will dye 1-3 pairs of jeans.

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Color: JJD1008 Green