ExtravOrganza Fabric Sheets

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ExtravOrganza fabric sheets are sheer, allowing you to layer them over other images without blocking the background, creating unique and dimensional projects. Simply print text or images onto the sheer fabric from your inkjet printer or inkjet copier, peel and attach. Try stamping a pattern on the fabric sheet before you print. Or fray the edges of the organza after printing, and paint. Create your own ribbons, personalized memorabilia, gifts, decor - let your creativity run wild!

Elegant Inkjet Printable Semi-Transparent Silk Organza Sheets. Available in 8.5" x 11"/21.59 cm x 27.94 cm sheets.

Print – These sheets of fabric are paper backed so that they will easily go through your inkjet printer.

Load one sheet at a time. It’s always good to test your layout on paper first.

Peel – Just peel the fabric from the paper backing. If the item is to be rinsed, a drying time of 24 hours is recommended.

Make – Easy attachment to project using sewing, vellum tape, or glue dots.

Size: 5 Pack