ColorPad Ink Pads - Pigment Ink & Waterproof Dye Ink

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ColorPad Pigment Ink Pads

Thick and rich in color, Jacquard’s slow-drying pigment inks are formulated to sit on top of the paper surface, giving you plenty of time for blending and embossing. As an archival, fade resistant and acid free ink, ColorPad pigment inks are an excellent choice for artwork and keepsake projects. Specially formulated for shelf-life longevity. Dry time depends on the type of paper. Cleans with water.

Archival, Acid Free & Non-toxic

Slow-drying pigment ink, excellent for blending and embossing

Exceptional shelf life

ColorPad Waterproof Dye Ink Pads

This quick-drying premium dye ink gives a sharp impression every time. Waterproof and permanent, it won’t bleed or smudge when watercolors, acrylics, or water-based inks are applied on top of the print. Perfect for mixed media, embellishing, and fast marking. Acid free and non-toxic.

Fast-drying and waterproof

Acid Free & Non-toxic

Gives a sharp impression

Color: Black Pigment