Ariel Adkins

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Ariel Adkins

Wearing art

Ariel Adkins’s mission is to be a living work of art each day. Creator of Artfully Awear, a movement dovetailing art and clothing, Ariel produces garments inspired by artwork from all different genres, mediums, and eras, all over the world. Believing that the best way to appreciate art is to do it yourself, Ariel has created over sixty one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing that recreate artwork in a wearable form. Encouraging others to harness their inspiration, she offers a peek into the process behind her work on her Instagram account, @artfullyawear, and she teaches workshops and lectures on “How to Dress Like a Work of Art” and “Create Your Own Masterpiece.” Artfully Awear has inspired others – from children as young as two years old to grandparents – to engage with art in a more active way, making their own wearable art. Claiming Oscar Wilde’s quote as her mantra – “One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art” – Ariel uses Artfully Awear to express her artistic obsession from head to shoes.

Jacquard products used: Textile Color and Neopaque

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