Meet our Featured Artist

Andrea Bergart

Andrea Bergart lives and works in New York City. Bergart’s paintings reference diverse visual traditions including African textiles, urban fashion, outlines on playing fields and basketball courts and geometric abstraction. Her involvement in fashion and Downtown Girls Basketball (an all-women basketball community) inspired her to design basketball handbags, as well as paintings and solar prints highlighting WNBA and NBA players and culture. She has also painted multiple murals, ranging from a warped Donald Duck to a kente cloth inspired abstraction on working cement trucks.

Bergart received a Fulbright Scholarship to Ghana, West Africa where she researched the bead and textile industries, and has participated in artist residency programs in Senegal and Kenya. Most recently, she received a US embassy grant to travel to the United Arab Emeritus (galleries of those experiences available to view in links below). Bergart's work has been exhibited in New York, California, New Orleans, Boston and the UK and was included in the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Please click on the links below, to view special gallery features from Andrea’s international projects and workshops.

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