Reusable Zip Ties

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Tie dyers love how easily they can bind fabric tightly when they use zip ties. But zip ties are typically single-use, and no one likes throwing away that much plastic, least of all environmentally-conscious tie-dyeing folks like us. That is why Jacquard offers Reusable Zip Ties. Use as many as you want guilt-free, because you’ll never throw a zip tie away again!

These heavy duty, easily releasable cable ties can be used over and over again. Easily cut to size or daisy-chained together, they’re not just for tie dyers! You might be surprised how many uses there are for zip ties.

• 50 lb strength
• 11.75”/29.85 cm
• Smooth-molded with no sharp edges
• Environmentally responsible
• Economical


Available in 100- or 500-Pack.

Size: ZIPB100 - 100-Pack