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Linda Clark Johnson

Linda Clark Johnson

Linda Clark Johnson uses the cyanotype process to create artwork that is atmospheric, layered and intriguing. Her work explores soft shadows and foliage, and highlights the ethereal mood created by these elements moving in and out of focus. Her prints quietly celebrate the natural world. 

Linda loves to experiment with the traditional blueprint process by adding other chemicals, extending exposure times, creating her own natural toners, and adding mixed media and collage to her work. She often comes up with her own techniques to solve logistical problems, and she’s happiest when she’s bending the rules! 

Linda received her BA in drawing and painting from CSU Chico and her MA in Education at CSU Sacramento. Before becoming a full-time artist, she enjoyed careers as a graphic designer and a 3rd grade teacher. Now she works, shows and teaches in sunny Northern California. 

Instagram: @lindaclarkjohnson

Jacquard products used: Cyanotype Set