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Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson tells compelling stories of people in many cultures around the world, many images gathered from her travels. Everyone, everywhere, has a story. Her realistic depictions celebrate the ordinary moments of people doing what they do that often go unnoticed, capturing the essence of the humanity we all share. Facilitating that connection visually is her goal.

Working in her studio in San Diego, she uses fabric, thread and paint to create fine art quilts full of texture and strong visual impact.  Her use of simple graphic elements juxtaposed with intricate details mark her approach to composition. She uses rich color and strong value contrast to catch the viewers’ attention, and then draws them in to discover a myriad of subtlety created with delicate brush work and stitching.

Linda studied at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County where she earned a BFA and MFA in Drawing. The artist’s many exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, include selection in the National Quilt Museum 25th Anniversary (2016) 2-year traveling exhibit “Gala of the Unexpected” with Dance Break Oaxaca. Linda has won multiple awards, has been published in numerous art magazines, books and catalogs, and her work is in private collections.


Jacquard products used: Textile Color, Lumiere and Neopaque