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Kimberly Lacy

Kimberly Lacy

“I began quilting in 1976 when my daughter was born. My focus for 20 years was traditional quilting. I mastered bags, small lap quilts, and various gift items. By 2000, my work was completely transformed into contemporary art quilts. I made small pieces and participated in many small art shows. In 2011, I began showing my work in national and international quilt shows. My work got bigger and my muses became largely related to geology. My main interests for subject matter are sandstone formations, fossils, and geological wonders and I love any kind of spiral.”

“I use a variety of techniques and love to experiment. I do a lot of strip piecing, fabric painting, and applique. Silk is my favorite fabric. I have become very fond of creating mosaic-like art quilts.”

Kimberly’s work was recently featured on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.


Jacquard products used: Lumiere, Neopaque