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Ellen Wallenstein

Ellen Wallenstein

Ellen Wallenstein grew up in New York City and attended public schools. She earned a BA in Art History from SUNY Stony Brook and a MFA in Photography from Pratt Institute, where she is currently an Adjunct Full Professor in the Photography Department. She teaches Photography and Book Arts at Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts.

A New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Photography Fellow, her past work has been nominated for the Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography and the Santa Fe Prize. Her photographs, books, and ‘zines are in various collections and have been exhibited internationally. Other professional experiences include artist-in-residence, curator, photo archivist, and tarot card reader.

She exhibits her work at the Carter Burden Gallery in New York City and is a member of the New York Artists Circle.

Ellen started making cloth cyanotypes every day, beginning in April 2020, after the death of her mother. Those earlier cyanotypes turned into a memorial quilt, and from there the subject matter started to take a lighter turn. Using objects from her collection of inherited jewelry, figurines and animal totems, along with seasonal flora, she began creating scenes incorporating them, along with wry descriptive titles demonstrating her sense of humor and the absurd.

Facebook: @ellen.wallenstein
Instagram: @ellen.wallenstein

Jacquard products used: Cyanotype Fabric Sheets