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Christine So

Christine So

Christine So is a painter and printmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works in a variety of media from cyanotypes to printmaking, collage, encaustic, acrylics, bronze, clay and stone sculpture. Her works hang in corporate and private collections in ten countries. Christine’s cyanotypes have been published in The Hand magazine, Aeonian photography magazine and featured by Analog Forever magazine and SaatchiArt online. She is represented by Boston Art and Forrest Scott Gallery.

Christine cycles between printmaking, collage and painting, transfering effects from one to the other. Her favorite question when working with cyanotypes is “What would happen if…?” The soft multiple shades of blue from overlapping images in “Light through Leaves” come from her experimenting with multiple exposures of one plant. A range of techniques are on display among her works in this photo gallery: multiple-exposure cyanotypes from photo negatives, prints which combine solid objects with photo negatives, cyanotypes in which the darkening process was interrupted by water, completely abstract cyanotypes, blue prints bleached yellow, green cyanotypes made by printing a blue over a yellow print and cyanotype paintings drawn with emulsion whose shapes were then filled with sun-printed patterns. 

The patterned collages in the photo gallery are cyanotypes of different shades sliced up and reassembled into collages on wood and coated with an invisible layer of Dorland’s Wax, which is applied cold. She has also also turned cyanotypes into encaustic collages, which have a thick glassy layer of melted wax, by using Jacquard’s Encaustic Medium and a heat gun. With cyanotypes there is no end to the possibilities.

Visit Christine So’s instagram page @christinesogallery for a look into her studio and her ongoing exploration. 

Instagram: @christinesogallery

Jacquard products used: Cyanotype Chemistry (Ferric Ammonium Citrate & Potassium Ferricyanide powders), Dorland’s Wax, Jacquard’s Encaustic Medium