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Bronwyn Rayner

Bronwyn Rayner

“Hailing from Brisbane Australia, I discovered the amazing art of marbling by accident in late 2015 whilst flipping through old magazines. I was immediately hooked but could not find anyone locally to learn from. The library provided a few books and the internet helped, but it wasn’t until I bought my first Jacquard Marbling kit that things really started to come together.

Jump to 2019, and a passion for experimenting in 3D marbling has really helped me push the boundaries with what I can create. While everyone is marbling paper, I literally grab whatever is nearby to see how it will take to marbling. Anything from fans, stones, metal containers, glass bottles and feathers, I’ll try them all.

Apart from creating and selling my artwork, I also love teaching. This year sees my journey into teaching workshops to spread the joy of marbling in Australia.

Colour – I just can’t get enough of it.”

Instagram: @raynbowcrowstudios

Jacquard products used: Marbling Color