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Brainstorm Print / Design

Brainstorm Print / Design

“We are illustrators and printmakers creating timeless, energetic artwork that is meaningful and well-crafted. We create art prints to charm, humor, and educate. Since our first basement studio and local craft show in 2007, our eclectic collection of prints has grown significantly. We have gone on to acquire an exciting list of domestic and international retailers such as Art.Com, Hello Polly, Urban Outfitters and The Flood Gallery.”

“The small success of our company has not wavered our sense of simplicity and belief that beautiful art should be for everyone. We aim to live a modest life that allows us to dedicate uncompromised attention to each and every print. In our work, subjects such as science, the outdoors, food, and travel continue to inspire us. We believe people want to surround themselves with beautiful objects that spur curiosity and celebrate aesthetic. We are ecstatic to be able to respond to that desire.”

“Brainstorm has made irreplaceable friends and connections having been located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire over the course of our career. We really enjoy taking the scenic route.”

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Jacquard products used: Jacquard Screen Ink