Stainless Steel Pot (5 gal,l)

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“Fill a stainless steel pot with enough water for the fabric to move freely.”
--first sentence of stove top dyeing instructions

Especially for garment dyers, finding a pot large enough for the fabric to move freely can be a real challenge. Adding to the challenge is that fact that aluminum pots are not recommended for repeated use (because of  pitting); steel pots are generally pricey; and pots used for dyeing should never be used for food.  One question we take frequently is, “Where am I supposed to get a stainless steel pot big enough for my garment to move freely during dyeing and cheap enough to justify buying strictly for dyeing?!”

Well friends, look no further! This pot is BIG, and you won’t find a better deal anywhere. A stainless steel dye pot is a tool that will last a lifetime, essential for any serious dyer.

Size available: 18.93 L/US 5 gal. 

NOTE: **$15 added to 18.93 L/5 gal product price (for additional freight costs due to oversize that does not calculate in shipping quote.)

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Size: 5 gal/18.93 L