Silk Painting Class Pack

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The Silk Painting Class Pack is the ideal, all-in-one, project-based kit to introduce students to the beauty of painting on silk with dyes. It comes with virtually everything you need, including pre-stretched silk hoops. These hoops make excellent wall art or sun catchers to hang in windows.

Ages 8+ (recommended for up to 30 individuals).

NOTE: The special adhesive used to glue the silk to the metal ring may become very tacky in certain environments, which may cause the hoops to stick together. Most of the time, they are easy to separate. Hoops that are difficult to separate should be placed in the freezer for half an hour. Once cold, the glue will no longer be tacky, and the hoops will easily come apart.


30—pre-stretched silk hoops (9.5"/24 cm diameter)

5—2 fl oz/59.15 ml bottles of Green Label Silk Colors (1 of each color)

1—8 fl oz/0.24 L jar of Removable Water-based Resist

1—10 oz/0.28 g jar of Silk Salt

6—resist applicator bottles with 0.7 mm metal applicator tips

30—5/8"/16 mm round bamboo brushes

Printed instructions